Top 10 useful internet tips and tricks

All people should know the internet is everything in the present and in the future time. The internet is very vast because of their awesome features like you can search anything in the internet that is always present. Now  will show some special tricks of internet are used in the browsers.

Top 10 useful internet tips and tricks

#1 Tabbed Browsing

the meaning of tabbed browsing is to allot a user to open multiple pages in a single window. the use of this feature you will  press Ctrl+left click.

(i) Or you want to open a new tab then press Ctrl+T 

(ii) Another feature of tabbed browsing is  you want to open your last tab if you have closed then press          Ctrl+Shift+T.

(iii) Another feature of tabbed browsing is you have to pin  your tab firstly how we use the pin option, you will stay the cursor on the tab where you have to pin, then right click on that their is option to pin the tab

how we use to pin the tab means if you would close your browser at wrong time, then you have to open the same tab that you have closed then you will be use pin tab

(iv) If you will play some video on another tab then you will have to mute that video then you will tap your cursor on that tab and right click, select the mute option.

#2 Tip Calculator 

this feature is used mostly in the resturants because the customers have tip to the servers or waitors then they will use the tip calculator.

#3 Browser Notepad

if you want to add some important information then we will use this browser notepad.

#4 Google Timer

You will simply use the timer in the google.

how we use that

(i) You will simply search the google timer.

(ii) then you will set the timer according to your need.

Top 10 useful internet tips and tricks

#5 INCOGNITO Browsing

this means that if you have not delete your history or cookies where you have to search then you will use INCOGNITO option that will show top at the right side of browser. this option is available different in the different browsers that like in chrome their name is New incognito window or in firefox their is different name.

Top 10 useful internet tips and tricks

#6 Youtube TV

this feature is same like Smart TV firstly you have to select the movie, music or anything you have watch select and then play. to open this you will search

# 7 Browser Shortcuts

(i) To increase the size of the page press Alt+D or Ctrl+L Or Ctrl+.

(ii) To decrease the size of page press Ctrl-.

(iii) To back down your page in browser press Alt+Left-arrow.

(iv) To go forward your page in browser press Alt+Right-arrow.

(v) To reload your page in browser press F5 or Ctrl+R.

# 8 Browser Media Player

You will just drag your video or the movie in the home screen of your browser it will play automatically.

# 9 Google Search Games

You can play free games with the browser.

(i) Solitaire

(ii) Tic-Tac-Toe

(iii) Noughts and Crosses

(iv) Pac-man

(v) Google Doodle Snake

(vi) Google Doodle Spooky Cat



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