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Google Chrome Extensions are the browser extensions that modify Google Chrome. All the users we have to use these extensions are having a google account to add them in your browser. I will provide some important top 10 chrome extensions:

  • AdBlock Extention

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This is first important extention for chrome. It is one of the most popular Google Chrome extensions, lets you clean your web pages, by removing those clumsy advertisements from sidebars and everywhere else. The free plugin can block various kinds of ads, such as animated ads, pop-ups and pop-unders, Facebook ads etc. Also, there is an impressive level of protection from tracking and malware. It is to be noted that Adblock Plus does not put end to web advertisements; on the other hand, there’s a set of acceptable ads that do not interrupt your web browsing. Plus, this open-source extension is customizable as well chrome extensions download.

  • Password-Fail Extention

For the extra paranoid among us, the Password Fail Chrome extension warns you off any website that stores or sends your login password as clear text. Basically, if one of these sites is hacked, your undisguised password is sitting openly in a database, ready to be tried on all your other online accounts. Password Fail lets you know if your password is an easier hacking target by calling out websites that don’t encrypt their stored or e-mailed passwords.

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  • Click & Clean Extention

Click and Clean is actually a cleaning tool that does a great job of clearing all the traces of your online activity with a single click. when you close Google Chrome window and to scan your PC for malware. So, Click and Clean will be more or less a complete online protection solution that can do well for active internet users out there.

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  • Secure Profile Extention

This is very useful extention in chrome. It’s all fine and good not to share your passwords or browsing data with unknown online parties, but what about the people who use your PC? The Secure Profile Chrome extension encrypts and password-protects your Chrome profile data — including all those stored passwords and form auto-completes — so that anyone who gains access to your machine can’t also gain access to your online accounts.

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Download the best Google Chrome Extensions

  • Awesome Screenshot Extention

You’d be familiar with Awesome Screenshot if you have ever sought screen capturing solutions with a twist# UI of the extension is so simple that almost anyone can start using the screen capturing solution in seconds. Though quite low in terms of size, Awesome Screenshot lets you take screenshots, edit them by adding effects such as blur and adding annotations etc. Along with these, you have the option to upload these screenshots into image sharing platforms so that you can share them easily. Recently, they have added support for working with Google Drive as well.

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  • HTTPS Extention

HTTPS Extention is used to monitor your activities . Unfortunately, not all websites support HTTPS connection, and this is where HTTPS Everywhere comes in. It is a Chrome extension that will try to connect to an HTTPS version of websites if possible. This allows you to get HTTPS connection on thousands of websites that by default connect you to an insecure HTTP connection. Just install the extension, and it will start doing its job.

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chrome extensions download

  • Google Calendar Extention

It brings a simple Google Chrome toolbar button, using which you can create or add events as you browse web. Suppose there is details of an event in a web page you visit and you want to create an event-based reminder about it. If you have Google Calendar extension installed in Chrome, you could do that in a second or two. There is also an option to view events that you have added to the calendar. In short, when you need an all-time companion for your Google Calendar experience, this extension is a must-have one, we assure.

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  • Blur Extention

A password is mainly used to save your login. Although there are many password managing tools available online, but I find Blur to be the most secure one, thanks to its added security features. It does a perfect job of saving and managing your online passwords in an encryption environment.

It also masks your credit card and billing information from shopping sites and lets you shop online without even giving up your actual credit card or information. Blur’s tracking protection feature blocks all types of trackers. But it also blocks trackers that don’t depend on cookies, making it a better option than insecure browsing.

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  • Site Advisor Extention

Like Web of Trust, McAfee’s Site advisor Chrome extension warns you whether the link you’re about to follow — or the page you’re on — is safe to surf. Site advisor’s alerts, however, are powered by McAfee’s security research, rather than the crowd sourced feedback of Web of Trust. Green checkmarks mean safe; red Xs mean risky.

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  • Secure Gmail Extention

This is the newly developed extention to Secure Mail for Gmail lets you send encrypted emails to other users that cannot be read by anyone other than you and the intended sender (not even Google). You just need to compose an email and encrypt it with a password chrome extensions download.

You have to use the same password to decrypt the email that you use to encrypt it. The encryption also happens on the client side, so even the developers of this extension can’t access this information.

If you have very sensitive information to share with someone, then Secure Mail for Gmail would be your best choice. Although, do keep in mind that the recipient must also install the extension to decrypt the email.

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if you have any kind of problem to install them then comment below in the post. I will resolve your problem within 24 hours.

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