How to read deleted messages on whatsapp

How to read deleted messages on whatsapp

Whatsapp: Whatsapp is a chatting app for your friends or others. Their latest versions are launched day by day. We will say whatsapp is a chatting app or it can also called as Messenger for the people. Its first version is launched in 2009. than that their is so many updates are came year by year or month by month. Their is the 9th anniversary of the whatsapp. It is a freeware chatting messenger. When the whatsapp is not coming in the years of 2008 or more previous that time Facebook is very popular. But at the time whatsapp is coming then the people’s attraction is on whatsapp because the main is it does not consume more data than facebook or as compared to facebook the size of whatsapp is very to check deleted messages

how to check deleted messages

Comparison between Whatsapp and facebook

  1. The size of whatsapp is very small as compared to facebook.
  2. It has better interface than facebook.
  3. Main comparison is facebook is the old version of chatting, whatsapp is the new version of chatting and providing more features than facebook.
  4. In Whatsapp you can register simply your mobile number and than can chat any person, In the case of facebook you will firstly create your account than you will send the friend request then you will chat with that person.
  5. Only one feature is efficient in the facebook is this is available as a site or an app, but in case of whatsapp you can install whatsapp web if you can access your whatsapp in PC or their app is also present.

Then Their is more comparisons but still i will go on how to delete message from whatsapp if you will send by mistake then i will go to my main topic How to read delete messages on whatsapp

how to check deleted messages from whatsapp if you will send by mistake

  1. Firstly you will send “Hello” message to other person.
  2. if you want to delete that message then select you message or tap on the message.
  3. The upper side of your smartphone the delete option or icon like dustbine will show.
  4. then click on that like this

how to check deleted messages, How to read deleted messages on whatsapp

5. Then click on the option delete for everyone. if your friend will not read the message then the message will show like this

how to check deleted messages, How to read deleted messages on whatsapp6. In the case person will read that message same time as you send, then the person will read the chat that time the message does not show.

How to read deleted messages on whatsapp

  • This is not the new update of whatsapp.
  • This method is done via a third-party software.
  • Firstly you have to install Software Notice save
  • Then open that software that will access your all phones data like contacts or chats.
  • then you will open whatsapp chat.
  • Firstly the message will show to you.
  • Then the next message of that is the message is deleted as shown in the above picture.

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