How to install OS in your Android Smartphone

Operating System:- Operating system is a software that connects a user with the computer  like windows in computer. Android is also an OS in a smartphone.

How to install a Software in Smartphone

if you want to install a new software in your mobile then we need these things:

(i) Firstly we need a mobile where we want to install a software.

(ii) Then you will need a data cable or USB cable.

(iii) Then you will need a laptop or PC.

How to install OS in your Android Smartphone

Main important point in this method is that it is only available for old smartphones if their software got corrupted or not working properly. This method is not available for the new smartphones.

Steps how to install a Software in your device:

a) Firstly you have to Download ROM according to your mobile phones model

For example: if your mobile phone is Samsung j7 Nxt

then go to the google and search STOCK ROM DOWNLOAD FOR SAMSUNG J7 NXT.

b) Secondly you have to Download SP FLASH TOOL.

this software is also present in the STOCK ROM, if it is not present there. then you have to download it.

c) Then you have to Download USB Driver and install.

the use of this software is to check the model of your smartphone from your laptop.

When you want to download software of particular phone in your laptop(remember you have to specify the model name of your phone) otherwise it will not work properly in your phone.

d) Then you open your laptop and check USB Driver software are installed properly or not.

How to install OS in your Android Smartphone

e) Then you have to open your STOCK ROM which we have downloaded in first step.

f) Open that and then go to SP FLASH Tool folder.

g) Open the option name Flash_tool and right click on that choose the option Run as administrator.

h) Then click on the option Scatter folder.

i) Then the STOCK ROM Folder.

j) Click the option of Firmware folder.

k) Then click the option Android_scatter.

l)  loading the files will start.

m) Then Remove your smartphones battery and Sim.

n) then click the option of download(to download OS).

0) Finally connect your mobile with USB.

At last the green signal will show on your laptop screen that means your OS is loaded completely in your smartphone.

Now place the battery in your mobile and switch on the smartphone to check your Operating system is working!!!

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