how do you cool down your phone from overheating

There are some different techniques that will help you to avoid heating problems of your phone. I will provide 5 tricks to cool down your phone:

Step 1: Use Battery Saver

This software is almost present on every smartphone. you have to put on battery saver option if you want to reduce heating problem of your smartphone.

Step 2: Update all Apps

If the above method is not working properly then you will open your playstore and update all apps that are you given to you. This is also help to reduce overheating in your phone.

overheating phone

Step 3: Developer option

This option is not directly available in all the phones. Firstly you have to open your phone settings and go to About phone option, opening that option tap two times on build number option. Developer option is available under build number option. Then turn on your developer option.

Step 4: Format All data  

Next method is to format your phones internal memory as well as Memory card or Sd card. This will also help to reduce the heating problem in your phone.

how do you cool down your phone

Step 5: Install Cooler Master App

You have to open this app first. This checks the temperature of your phone. It also detects the overheating apps. When you come to know about heating apps then you have to click on cool down option. Then the unnecessary apps will be removed from your phone. This is last method to reduce the overheating of your Smartphone.

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